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Pocket Programming - Rails -

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◇◆Application to Encourage Inherent Skills Created Only for Beginners◆◇・10 questions a day, 4 weeks program・Study with a light heart by 3 choices type quiz of Questions & Answers. You don't have to type any code.・Analyze the fields that you are poor at by original algorithm・Support on overcoming methods of the fields you are not good at・Able to review anytime and many times・Specialize to globally popular Ruby and Ruby on Rails◇◆Solve the Biggest Problem for Beginners Thinking 'I Don't Know What I Should Do after This?' ◇◆Pocket Programming is the application specializing to Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and it was created by researching everything about how programming beginners can go to the next stage from beginner smoothly.
“As I finished tutorials, I want to make something by myself, but what should I do from…?”“I did as I learned, but some errors occurred, and I could not understand the reason, so I deleted all the codes and redo…”“I study programming with looking at some books, but I become fed up with it because there are many difficult words. It is not easy for beginners at all.”
Have you ever experienced such things? Exactly now, you may feel such things. However, it's all right now. Programming is not difficult if you learn it well in correct way.
The application to learn programming essence efficiently in right way for programmers. That is Pocket Programming.
[Ruby]- Preparetion of Ruby- Basic Ruby- Variables- Integer, Strings- Arrays- Hashes- Basic Conditionals- Various Conditionals- Basic Loops & Iterators- Practical Loops & Iterators- Basic Methods- How to use Method- Classes- Errors
[Rails]- Basic Rails commands- Basic Ruby on Rails- Basic View- How to use View- Basic Model- Model(retrieve data)- Model(Association)- Basic Controller- How to use Contoller- Basic Routing- How to use Routing- Directory Structure- Migration- Errors
■Able to study in slight free timeIt is an old thought that the suite of studying programming is PC. With relaxing on the sofa, in the train, break time at school.Let's study programming by smartphone!
■Really easy explanation without difficult words"The instance of the object..""As it is object-oriented, it is possible to inherit and do mix-in, and use open class…"
Such wastefully difficult words make you lose the programming essence. As we are dedicated to write explanations in really easy words in Pocket Programming, you can understand clearly. Of course, we explain necessary words easily and concretely.
■Introduction of websites and books that every beginner should use as referenceWhen you face the problems you cannot understand, you cannot find any good website even if you search on the internet, and the situation becomes more complicated. Have you ever experienced such thing? In Pocket programming, we support by the introduction of websites and books that "If you don't understand this completely, this is good to use as reference." that we strictly selected originally.
■Overwhelming price destructionThough there are really many programming books and programming schools in the world, any of them are from some thousand yen to some ten thousand yen. But, originally programming doesn't cost so much money. Our Pocket Programming is only $3. The price is one tenth of books and one hundredth of schools, and we designed the application for you to encourage your programming skills by the price.
■Specialize to globally popular Ruby and Ruby on RailsRuby is one of the most popular programming language around the world. Also, one of the most famous framework as Ruby's framework is Ruby on Rails. In Pocket Programming, we prepared various questions specialized them. You can grasp your current programming level by each question, and you are able to progress steadily.
Now, let's take a step that you have never experienced by Pocket Programming!